• 16.07.2016, 01:36

I know!!!! I'm terrible at keeping up with my blog! Work was very intense and hectic though! I ended up working two trips extra, and I came back home on Sunday. I've been hanging out with friends, eating a lot of food, and now spending time with my family. :) 

So far, tuesday was my favorite day. Because I did my nails, then went to get my lashes refilled by the lash master Polina. She is absolutely the best, and each session I have, I'm even more impressed! I think she's one of the few in Oslo that actually knows what they are doing with lash extensions. She's truly the only lash tech that I'm 100% happy with. My lashes look amazing even weeks in, and barely fall out. Also they're super comfortable, I can't feel them and always forget that I have lashes on until I look in the mirror and then a nice surprise. haha! Here's her salons facebook page, and instagram! After my lash refill, I got my brows done at Brow Rehab in Frogner. I always go to Karoline for my brows! :) She's amazing with my brows! 

Anyways, I've been meaning to do a post or update about my personal life. I dropped a bombshell last month, and have never clarified more about it. I wanted to write about everything I have learned, and a lot of the struggles that I had to face in that relationship. I think there's quite a few women or girls who could relate to what I went through. Our relationship issues were not of the norm if you will. That's also one of the reasons it was so hard for me to ever confide in friends about our relationship. I was embarressed, and always felt like it was up to me to fix everything. But ever since I've become open about my break up, it's been relatively easy for me. I've gotten so much support from friends and colleagues. Every time I felt a little down, one of them would be there to console me, cheer me up, whatever I needed without me even having to ask! 

Even though I am not heart broken, and have no regrets in my decision, there are still tough days or moments. It sometimes feels weird to be 100% independent. Don't get me wrong, I am very independent, but you know when you've been married or in a long term relationship. You had someone there for the little things and the big things.. So I'm still adjusting being alone, and working on getting rid of the bad habits that one forms when they've been with someone for so long. 

But tonight is not the night I'm going to write in details about this, but I will one day share my lessons learned! 

Tomorrow I am heading back to Oslo. I came to my parents yesterday, and as much as I love spending time with my family and cat Bambi Jolie, my mom spoils me way too much with food. All I do is eat, well that's nothing new. But I'm very immobile here, cannot lift a finger! haha. Plus, I'm going back to work on Wednesday!! I've got a few things to get done before then! 


Line Angelica Sther

16.07.2016 kl. 04:15
Omg!! You look stunning! And how sweet isn't you're mom? Haha, you can just chill out! ;)


12.08.2016 kl. 19:16
Jss! Du ligner p Kim Kardashian! :)

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