New me; new life 💎

  • 21.06.2016, 02:46

There's been a reason why I haven't updated my blog much. When I first recreated my blog here, I said I wanted to start fresh, and be transparent. But over the last few months, I felt like I was living a double life. I wasn't ready to write about my personal life. So I felt really unmotivated to blog. Normally I am a very open and expressive person! To be honest, I have been living a double life with everyone in my life. Only my closest friends and family are aware of my situation, and my relationship with my husband. I'm still not ready to get into the details, because I'm still figuring it out. Point blank though; I have moved to Oslo full-time, on my own, without my husband. 

I am not sad, or heartbroken. I spent countless months silently debating about what's the best decision for us. Then I realized that I need to think about what is best for me. My marriage has taught me a lot, and has molded and grown me into a strong woman. I don't know what the future will hold for myself or my ex-husband; but I am focusing on my own future right now. There are lessons that I need to learn for my own, and the same for him. I believe that everything happens for a reason; fate. It's up to me though to do my best, and live a fulfill life! 

So I am enjoying myself in my new home in Frogner. I'm still figuring out how to set up my stuff.  It's been two months of boxes still piled on top of each other. But I finally unpacked the final boxes last night. Haha. 

Outfit: two piece set from NakedWardrobe, heels from Zalando, clutch from Louis Vuitton 


21.06.2016 kl. 03:09
you are very strong women ! and i hope everything goes well for you and your husband. and welcome to oslo <3
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