Glamglow 💜

  • 06.04.2016, 23:17

Hola! I haven't forgotten my blog, just really busy at work. I'll be returning home in a week, so I'll blog properly then. ;) I do update my snap story so add me there: jessicanudish. 

I normally don't have bad skin, but whenever I'm at work, due to the air circulation, I get clogged pores and a few pimples. I always have a glam glow mask here! I have all 4 (that I know of), the original one (tingle exfoliant - my favorite), the blue (hydration) one, orange (whitening), and white (clearing treatment). I also have the daily face wash that's the same as the original tingle exfoliant, but it's creamy and for daily cleansing. And I love that one as well. I'll do a review of these when I get home. ;) 

You can also use this face mask as a spot treatment. It does tingle a lot, almost a burning feeling the first few minutes. But in a weird way, I like it. Haha. I noticed that the orange (whitening) mask also treats any pimples. I guess it's from the salicylic acid.

I haven't tried the eye treatments though, but it's next on my to buy list. ;)

Anyone else have any masks that they love?

Alright I'm going to end the post now. It's not easy blogging from the phone! Wish would create an easier platform!

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