Selling these babies :X

  • 27.03.2016, 01:09

I hope everyone's easter is going great. Mine is quite uneventful, but it's been relaxing and nice, but I am counting down the days till I return to work after the holidays, and it will be full force 2 weeks of work. Which I am looking forward to. I'm a person who needs to be overloaded with work and responsibilities, otherwise, on holidays like this, I just become like a sloth. So now that I only have a few more days of no responsibilities (other than my beautiful persian chinchilla princess), I'll be planning my upcoming week. So looks like I'll be heading off to my parents again, and a trip into Oslo center. Need to fix my brows, and I'm feeling really disgusting in my skin and body, so an Eximia session! I havent done that since last summer, and I really miss it now. I'm too slim to get the full effect of it, but it feels amazing to me. Which is strange, because they told me its uncomfortable and can be too much for others. haha! 

Shit. I just remembered Monday is still a red day. I really hate holidays.... lol. I can't be the only person who doesn't like holidays, right?

Anyways, I went to a BBQ yesterday. But it got so cold by evening!

The jacket is so cute, my friends love it as well. It's the Spring Cloud Jacket from Nelly.* The top is from nakedwardrobe. The belt is Armani Jeans, and the jeans are yes, the same ones I wore the other day. hehe. I love it okay! It's the high waisted boyfriend jeans from Bik Bok. 

Some snapselfies....

I've also uploaded the pictures I took of the bags I'm going to sell. 3 of them are actually my mom's, but the Louis Vuitton multicolore Alma is mine. (All authentic!)

I wasn't sure if I wanted to sell my LV multicolore Alma. Because I do love it, and I have the multicolore keepall 45. And before I used to like to use those two to travel with. Looks cute. But I feel "too old" for this style now. I also used to have the multicolore speedy, and I regrettfully sold that one. So I wasn't sure if I want to let go of the Alma, but you know what, the last time I used it was over a year ago. But it means a lot to me, because it was my first multicolore monogram bag! As for the keepall (not pictured, I'll show you guys later), I will NEVER sell it. haha. I went through so much trouble to have the leather straps replaced, because I got so much water marks on the straps, and it was giving me anxiety. Anyway, I'm sad that LV has discontinued the multicolore monogram, because I think it's so beautiful and fun and fresh. But I do think it can look tacky on some people. You have to be really careful with what you wear! Anyway, I've listed my Alma, but if it doesn't sell for the price I want, I'll just happily keep it. :)

The LV Deauville has only been used once, yes, JUST ONCE. There are no marks or anything on it! It's actually a travel vanity bag. My mom also bought shoulder straps to use it with, but she's not even used the straps once. Wtf haha. The Cartier backpack is so cute, and small backpacks are back in fashion (thanks Kylie Jenner). But I personally feel a little silly wearing small backpacks, I think it's 'cause I feel like a giant toddler. I think it'd be cute on more petite girls (I'm 177 cm tall haha). The Versace is the most vintage of these, but it's in mint condition. My mom is really strange, she can have boots that are 15 years old, but they look even newer than my sneakers I've only worn twice. I don't know how she keeps her stuff in so good condition! Because I am a careful person as well. 

Alright now I just feel like I'm rambling to myself. Leave a comment, or message me on snapchat (jessicanudish) if you're interested in any of these bags. However I'm not selling either LV's for "cheap", because the Alma, you can't buy anymore, and I love it. The Deauville is in the best condition you could ever get from a pre-owned bag, and it comes with shoulder straps (which cost circa 2000).  

Now I really need to try to get some sleep. I have to wake up at 7 tomorrow, so I can go to a lekeland! hahaha.


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Er interessert i den brune lv. Hva er e-posten din?


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