• 16.07.2016, 01:36

I know!!!! I'm terrible at keeping up with my blog! Work was very intense and hectic though! I ended up working two trips extra, and I came back home on Sunday. I've been hanging out with friends, eating a lot of food, and now spending time with my family. :) 

So far, tuesday was my favorite day. Because I did my nails, then went to get my lashes refilled by the lash master Polina. She is absolutely the best, and each session I have, I'm even more impressed! I think she's one of the few in Oslo that actually knows what they are doing with lash extensions. She's truly the only lash tech that I'm 100% happy with. My lashes look amazing even weeks in, and barely fall out. Also they're super comfortable, I can't feel them and always forget that I have lashes on until I look in the mirror and then a nice surprise. haha! Here's her salons facebook page, and instagram! After my lash refill, I got my brows done at Brow Rehab in Frogner. I always go to Karoline for my brows! :) She's amazing with my brows! 

Anyways, I've been meaning to do a post or update about my personal life. I dropped a bombshell last month, and have never clarified more about it. I wanted to write about everything I have learned, and a lot of the struggles that I had to face in that relationship. I think there's quite a few women or girls who could relate to what I went through. Our relationship issues were not of the norm if you will. That's also one of the reasons it was so hard for me to ever confide in friends about our relationship. I was embarressed, and always felt like it was up to me to fix everything. But ever since I've become open about my break up, it's been relatively easy for me. I've gotten so much support from friends and colleagues. Every time I felt a little down, one of them would be there to console me, cheer me up, whatever I needed without me even having to ask! 

Even though I am not heart broken, and have no regrets in my decision, there are still tough days or moments. It sometimes feels weird to be 100% independent. Don't get me wrong, I am very independent, but you know when you've been married or in a long term relationship. You had someone there for the little things and the big things.. So I'm still adjusting being alone, and working on getting rid of the bad habits that one forms when they've been with someone for so long. 

But tonight is not the night I'm going to write in details about this, but I will one day share my lessons learned! 

Tomorrow I am heading back to Oslo. I came to my parents yesterday, and as much as I love spending time with my family and cat Bambi Jolie, my mom spoils me way too much with food. All I do is eat, well that's nothing new. But I'm very immobile here, cannot lift a finger! haha. Plus, I'm going back to work on Wednesday!! I've got a few things to get done before then! 


My go bag 🙌🏽

  • 26.06.2016, 16:44

I am loving my my "go bag". I don't want to just call it a makeup bag, cause like go bags this is for my everyday survival. Haha. It's super convenient for me to use at work! 

Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

I got it from blivakker. :) It's sturdy, fits a lot of products, and the straps are adjustable! As well as removable. 

I'm still at work! So it's not so easy to blog! But I will try my best to post every few days. ;)

Music Video with Ariel 👯💎

  • 22.06.2016, 23:37

Hola! I just finished a whole days of work on the ship with just 1.5 hours of sleep! But I still have some energy left so I thought I'd blog about yesterday! Yesterday I was a "video vixen" (haha! I just like saying that. :P) with my friend Ariel in a music video for Oral Bee. ;) It was fun, and the song is dope! And we filmed on a yacht. :) I believe the video will be out next week. Exciting! 

Just a few pictures for now. It's hard to blog with the iPhone! I forgot my laptop at home. :( 

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV


New me; new life 💎

  • 21.06.2016, 02:46

There's been a reason why I haven't updated my blog much. When I first recreated my blog here, I said I wanted to start fresh, and be transparent. But over the last few months, I felt like I was living a double life. I wasn't ready to write about my personal life. So I felt really unmotivated to blog. Normally I am a very open and expressive person! To be honest, I have been living a double life with everyone in my life. Only my closest friends and family are aware of my situation, and my relationship with my husband. I'm still not ready to get into the details, because I'm still figuring it out. Point blank though; I have moved to Oslo full-time, on my own, without my husband. 

I am not sad, or heartbroken. I spent countless months silently debating about what's the best decision for us. Then I realized that I need to think about what is best for me. My marriage has taught me a lot, and has molded and grown me into a strong woman. I don't know what the future will hold for myself or my ex-husband; but I am focusing on my own future right now. There are lessons that I need to learn for my own, and the same for him. I believe that everything happens for a reason; fate. It's up to me though to do my best, and live a fulfill life! 

So I am enjoying myself in my new home in Frogner. I'm still figuring out how to set up my stuff.  It's been two months of boxes still piled on top of each other. But I finally unpacked the final boxes last night. Haha. 

Outfit: two piece set from NakedWardrobe, heels from Zalando, clutch from Louis Vuitton 

Best tanning kit 💎

  • 03.06.2016, 10:56

I'm preparing for my summer tanned body! :) With this tanning kit from Yves Rocher. It has everything! Self-tanner spray, pre-tanning or before sun activator spray (it boosts your skin to get more tan), two different scrubs, and a facial self-tanner. You can get the kit now just for 229 kr, original price was 545 kr! The campaign price of 229 kr ends on 15 June, so get it while you can! I'm using this tanning kit at work actually! ;) 

I'm hoping to be as tan and have a summer body like I did last year. :P 

Click here to get your tanning kit for 229 kr! (Adlink) And you don't have to pay for shipping! Fri frakt! ;)


Fashionnova 👌🏽

  • 11.05.2016, 17:51

Whoohoo! 2 weeks free now! Weather is amazing, can't complain! 

I got my recent order from FashionNova while I was at work, and so far I've only tried this flawless bodysuit and jeans. This is my 3rd order from them and the clothes are really great for the prices! This time I ordered several bodysuits, a couple jeans, and casual dresses. Some of their clothes are a bit too tacky for me but the jeans and bodysuits are super! 

Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

From fashionnova, I wear size small in bodysuits and dresses, and for jeans I wear size 3. Here's a 25% discount code: VIP25.

I have a lot of things to do tomorrow, can't wait for Saturday to come so I can really enjoy my free period. :) Don't forget to follow me on snap: jessicanudish 


We all got a little bit of #Jolie in us 😝💋

  • 03.05.2016, 13:23

Hola ;) 

One more week of work to go! 

I'm not so into horoscopes but there is one lady, Susan Miller who does horoscopes and I've been reading mine every month for a few years now. It's sometimes creepy how it's on point. Especially about what kind of struggles/challenges and phases I'm going through. Check out yours here. I'm a cancer by the way. :) 

For the past year I've really been about working a lot, and bettering myself. Before I was really focused on myself as a person and the relationships I have; being a better partner, friend, daughter, sister, colleague. But now I'm focused on my career, finance, stability, and finding my place. I guess it has to do with my age, being in my last year in my twenties. I feel very comfortable with myself, and where I am. I'm also excited about my future! 

I got a little surprise gift yesterday, an Angelina Jolie shirt. Apparently it's me. Haha. 


Alright, I need to get ready for work now. Xoxo 



I'm here 🍑

  • 02.05.2016, 13:46

Hola :) 

I know I'm bad at updating my blog! I've been super busy with work, and only had 1 week free. Which was spent going back and forth from Oslo home, my parents in Kongsberg and Sandefjord home. I'm at work again, but just a week and half more to go and I'll be off for 2 weeks. :) 

I now can use my phone plan's 20 gb in EU with no extra charges! So it'll be easier for me to blog while I'm at work. We have crew wifi but it's sometimes super laggy. 

I bought new makeup while at work and I am loving Dior's summer glow loose powder. I'm so happy summer is almost here; bronze, copper and gold colors for makeup! :) 

What's funny is that I got to teach the perfume/tax free employees on beauty blenders and the best way to use them and for what products. :) 

Anyways, don't forget to add me on snap since I update there regularly. Jessicanudish. 


Working girl 💸🙌🏽

  • 23.04.2016, 00:44

Hola! I came home to Norway on Tuesday, and it was 3 weeks of work! 3 works of sleep deprivation, dry and air conditioned air, constant fear of that I won't hear my alarm clock and I'll oversleep, tuning out the sound of screaming toddlers, haha. But you know what, I love it. I love being and working in a fast pace environment! The more pressure, the more I work better. :) Since I came home, I've been spending a lot of time on the train, going from Oslo to Kongsberg to Sandefjord to Oslo again. I feel like I'm living a triple life sometimes. hehe. 

My "on the go" outfits seems to always consist of my white Nike Air Max 90's. I am obsessed! I have another pair (the suede tan-pink one), but I bought them too big (it was the only size available and I thought it'd be okay haha). I need to find another pair of everyday sneakers that's easy to match up with! Any suggestions? 

Love these jeans from fashionnova! They are the glistening jeans in Olive, in size 3. 

Totally forgot that I had these leggings from thenudeclique, and you know what. I'm never ordering from them again. They didn't even send me my entire order, and they're so late with replies, or even giving me an explanation, or fixing my order?! Pfft. 

I guess this post is now drifting into online shopping category.. :) I also placed an order from fashionnova tonight! More jeans, bodysuits, and dresses! Sign up to their newsletter, because they always are giving out discount codes. ;) Today's discount code is Glam20, for 20% off.

Another favorite shop is NakedWardrobe, I have a ton of outfits from there, and I never regret. :D

I just love nude, or nudish outfits! :P

I'm due to be back at work on Wednesday, so I don't have so many free days left now. But I have a ton of things to do! Like sorting through all my belongings, and throwing out things I don't want or use. More on those details later! :)

Don't forget to add me on snap! jessicanudish 


Contact lenses!

  • 07.04.2016, 16:54

Since it's a quiet day at work, I actually can relax during my break and blog a little. Hehe. I routinely get asked about what contacts I use, and I have several posts on my old blog ( about my lenses. I used to do reviews, since I loved trying new ones all the time. But the past year and a half I've been using the same brand and series. The brand is Colorvue, and I use different colors from the glamour series. My favorite is green, as I look the best with green eyes (and my natural brown as well), but I also use gray. I don't use blue anymore because on my olive/yellow skin tone, the blue makes me look more cold. And on my darker features, I just look so unnatural and I don't like that.
I have been buying Colorvue lenses from and I buy several pairs each time. Their shipping is super fast and for fast shipping they use FedEx aND I always get them within 5 days.

Processed with Moldiv

The lenses are 3 months and they are super comfortable. I have dry eyes but I don't feel that these dry my eyes out even more. 

I use prescription lenses, sonce I don't like to use glasses everyday. Glasses give me headaches and I just can't get used to wearing them all day. But it's important to give the eyes rest from lenses, so I use glasses at night or when Im home. 

For those who are new to lenses, please don't buy unbranded lenses. If they are uncomfortable, don't use them. Also remember to soak new lenses in solution overnight before you use them. You can read my lens care and tips here.


Glamglow 💜

  • 06.04.2016, 23:17

Hola! I haven't forgotten my blog, just really busy at work. I'll be returning home in a week, so I'll blog properly then. ;) I do update my snap story so add me there: jessicanudish. 

I normally don't have bad skin, but whenever I'm at work, due to the air circulation, I get clogged pores and a few pimples. I always have a glam glow mask here! I have all 4 (that I know of), the original one (tingle exfoliant - my favorite), the blue (hydration) one, orange (whitening), and white (clearing treatment). I also have the daily face wash that's the same as the original tingle exfoliant, but it's creamy and for daily cleansing. And I love that one as well. I'll do a review of these when I get home. ;) 

You can also use this face mask as a spot treatment. It does tingle a lot, almost a burning feeling the first few minutes. But in a weird way, I like it. Haha. I noticed that the orange (whitening) mask also treats any pimples. I guess it's from the salicylic acid.

I haven't tried the eye treatments though, but it's next on my to buy list. ;)

Anyone else have any masks that they love?

Alright I'm going to end the post now. It's not easy blogging from the phone! Wish would create an easier platform!

Monday's inspiration: Nails give me life

  • 28.03.2016, 13:35

Does anyone feel the same way as me? That nails give me life? haha. It's such a creative way to be artistic, and what amazing tiny pieces of art! #nailart #nailsinspo #nailswag :D 

I follow a lot of nail accounts on instagram. I used to always get my nails done at the salons, but not every salon has such fantastic nail techs. Even if they had the talent, it's like they don't want to spend the time or effort. After numerous of times taking a certain nail picture that I wanted to a salon, and leaving the salon disappointed. I took matters into my own hands. I started doing nails (uv gel) on my own. I think it's really fun, but I am no way talented! I guess it's like a little hobby for me now. :) Anyways, check out these nails and the nail prodigies on their instagram! If you have any favorite nails account on IG, leave me a comment! I can spend hours just looking at nails. haha. 


Processed with MOLDIV

@fiina_nailloungeProcessed with MOLDIV

@nailsbykatrins Processed with MOLDIV

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Selling these babies :X

  • 27.03.2016, 01:09

I hope everyone's easter is going great. Mine is quite uneventful, but it's been relaxing and nice, but I am counting down the days till I return to work after the holidays, and it will be full force 2 weeks of work. Which I am looking forward to. I'm a person who needs to be overloaded with work and responsibilities, otherwise, on holidays like this, I just become like a sloth. So now that I only have a few more days of no responsibilities (other than my beautiful persian chinchilla princess), I'll be planning my upcoming week. So looks like I'll be heading off to my parents again, and a trip into Oslo center. Need to fix my brows, and I'm feeling really disgusting in my skin and body, so an Eximia session! I havent done that since last summer, and I really miss it now. I'm too slim to get the full effect of it, but it feels amazing to me. Which is strange, because they told me its uncomfortable and can be too much for others. haha! 

Shit. I just remembered Monday is still a red day. I really hate holidays.... lol. I can't be the only person who doesn't like holidays, right?

Anyways, I went to a BBQ yesterday. But it got so cold by evening!

The jacket is so cute, my friends love it as well. It's the Spring Cloud Jacket from Nelly.* The top is from nakedwardrobe. The belt is Armani Jeans, and the jeans are yes, the same ones I wore the other day. hehe. I love it okay! It's the high waisted boyfriend jeans from Bik Bok. 

Some snapselfies....

I've also uploaded the pictures I took of the bags I'm going to sell. 3 of them are actually my mom's, but the Louis Vuitton multicolore Alma is mine. (All authentic!)

I wasn't sure if I wanted to sell my LV multicolore Alma. Because I do love it, and I have the multicolore keepall 45. And before I used to like to use those two to travel with. Looks cute. But I feel "too old" for this style now. I also used to have the multicolore speedy, and I regrettfully sold that one. So I wasn't sure if I want to let go of the Alma, but you know what, the last time I used it was over a year ago. But it means a lot to me, because it was my first multicolore monogram bag! As for the keepall (not pictured, I'll show you guys later), I will NEVER sell it. haha. I went through so much trouble to have the leather straps replaced, because I got so much water marks on the straps, and it was giving me anxiety. Anyway, I'm sad that LV has discontinued the multicolore monogram, because I think it's so beautiful and fun and fresh. But I do think it can look tacky on some people. You have to be really careful with what you wear! Anyway, I've listed my Alma, but if it doesn't sell for the price I want, I'll just happily keep it. :)

The LV Deauville has only been used once, yes, JUST ONCE. There are no marks or anything on it! It's actually a travel vanity bag. My mom also bought shoulder straps to use it with, but she's not even used the straps once. Wtf haha. The Cartier backpack is so cute, and small backpacks are back in fashion (thanks Kylie Jenner). But I personally feel a little silly wearing small backpacks, I think it's 'cause I feel like a giant toddler. I think it'd be cute on more petite girls (I'm 177 cm tall haha). The Versace is the most vintage of these, but it's in mint condition. My mom is really strange, she can have boots that are 15 years old, but they look even newer than my sneakers I've only worn twice. I don't know how she keeps her stuff in so good condition! Because I am a careful person as well. 

Alright now I just feel like I'm rambling to myself. Leave a comment, or message me on snapchat (jessicanudish) if you're interested in any of these bags. However I'm not selling either LV's for "cheap", because the Alma, you can't buy anymore, and I love it. The Deauville is in the best condition you could ever get from a pre-owned bag, and it comes with shoulder straps (which cost circa 2000).  

Now I really need to try to get some sleep. I have to wake up at 7 tomorrow, so I can go to a lekeland! hahaha.

Current Favorite Lip Products

  • 26.03.2016, 12:31

Yay! Beauty post! :) 

I don't need to wear make up everyday, as in my skin/face, or eyes. But I always need some kind of lips, whether it's just liner, lipstick, tinted balm or gloss. Anyway, these are my current daily favorites. I'll do another post for my special occasion favorites. 

Line up: Smashbox O-Plump lip plumper, Chanel Rouge Coco Baume Hydrating Conditioning Lip Balm; (now on to lipliners) NYX SPL831 Mauve, Lancome Contour Pro Lip Coloring Stick with brush #303 Rose Boise, MAC Pro Longwear Etcetera, MAC Pro Longwear Nice 'n' Spicy, MAC Edge to Edge, MAC Pro Longwear Absolutely It; (lipsticks) MAC Honeylove, MAC Velvet Teddy, MAC Please Me, MAC Viva Glam 3; and lastly Dior Addict Lip Glow. 

By the way, I realized yesterday that I lost or can't find two of my daily favorites lipliners, MAC Sublime Culture and Spice. I'm hoping they are not lost and just in one of my handbags. Sublime Culture is a cremestick liner, and seriously I have repurchased this lipliner so many times!! I'm mad now because it's seriously one of my favorites for the last years, and this has been discontinued!!! FML! Anyway, hopefully I'll find these two today and I'll take pictures and include them. If not, I'll just have to fish the net and hopefully get a replacement for Sublime Culture. And as for Spice, I'll pick it up on my next MAC shopping spree. ;) 

I always use some sort of lip balm before I apply my lipliner, and lipstick. I like to apply lip balm while I'm applying my morning skin products (serums, moisturizer, etc), so that the balm can soak in and prep my lips. I always wait 10 minutes or so before I apply primer, and make up. I always change my lip balm product, I've tried a ton of different kinds. And the Chanel lip balm is my favorite. MAC's Prep & Prime is great too, but for some reason I sometimes break some product off. The Dior Addict Lip Glow, I don't use it as a balm. Since it enhances your own lip color. So for me, it makes me lips even more red. I like to use this on my no-make up days, or when I'm just at home. 

I've tried many lip plumpers, and right now this is my favorite. I think 'cause it comes in a tube, and it's not as thick/sticky like Lip Venom. And I don't know why, I just like it. I also have the Dior one, and Lip Venom, and I sometimes use those. But I prefer the Smashbox one much more. 

I like to pair these up. The NYX SPL 831 Mauve lipliner is just a nice mauve/nude lipliner. (I don't know why but my camera picked up red tones on this picture). On my natural make up days I like to use these two. 

Lipliners are my favorite lip products. I sometimes just like to use a lipliner for my entire lip, and each of my lipsticks needs a lipliner pair. I can't stand just using a lipstick! The Lancome #303 Rose Boise is the only lipliner that I don't match up with a lipstick. I use it on it's own. Like on the days I don't wear make up at work. I like to just use this. It's a really pretty natural lip color, it matches my lips perfectly, and just enhances my lip look. And I always have someone ask me what it is. 

Swatches. (My arm is not two different tones, it's strange shadows lol). From left to right: NYX SPL831 Mauve, Lancome Contour Pro Lip Coloring Stick with brush #303 Rose Boise, MAC Pro Longwear Etcetera, MAC Pro Longwear Nice 'n' Spicy, MAC Edge to Edge, MAC Pro Longwear Absolutely It. 

I love matte finish for lipsticks. 

Honeylove, Velvet Teddy, Please Me, and Viva Glam 3. 
Honeylove is a nice beige nude color. But on me, I have to be careful using it. 'Cause it washes me out, so I use this with the MAC Etcetera lipliner. The Etcetera liner is a warmer color, and it's really important to use a lipliner with a lipstick that is so beige/nude, or you'll look washed out and sick. I use Honeylove & Etcetera when I have a bold eye look. Velvet Teddy is absolutely my favorite nude lipstick right now. When I first started using Velvet Teddy, all my friends noticed, and wanted the same. Please Me is one of my favorite pink lipsticks, I actually stopped wearing it the last few months, but I started again now. I have two different lipliners that I use it. But right now I'm using it with Edge to Edge, since I want the pink to pop out more. (Swatches below). Viva Glam 3, OMG, I love this so much. I get compliments all the time, from men and women. I pair this one up with the Absolutely It lipliner.

MAC lipsticks: Honeylove, Velvet Teddy, Please Me, and Viva Glam 3. 

Lipliners and lipsticks swatches. From left to right: (liners) NYX SPL831 Mauve, Lancome Contour Pro Lip Coloring Stick with brush #303 Rose Boise, MAC Pro Longwear Etcetera, MAC Pro Longwear Nice 'n' Spicy, MAC Edge to Edge, MAC Pro Longwear Absolutely It; (lipsticks) MAC Honeylove, MAC Velvet Teddy, MAC Please Me, MAC Viva Glam 3. 

I've swatched the lipliners above the lipsticks that they are paired with. 

Etcetera with Honeylove, Nice 'n' Spicy with Velvet Teddy, Edge to Edge with Please Me, and Absolutely It with Viva Glam 3. I know that Nice 'n' Spicy doesn't look like a perfect match with Velvet Teddy. However on my lips they are. :) And Absolutely It lipliner is like a 99% perfect color match with Viva Glam 3. 


Alright. Hope this post inspired some of you lip lovers. xoxo. 

snap @ jessicanudish

  • 25.03.2016, 02:37

Happy Easter :) 

I'm not a big Easter celebrater? It just means to me that everything is closed and I get random Easter eggs filled with candy I don't like. Haha. I honestly would prefer to be at work! 

But I don't have to work this Easter, so as you know I went to my parents yesterday. Ate way too much French food and watched scary movies with my brother; Case 39 and The Orphan. I recommend The Orphan if you haven't seen it. It's so hard to find any thriller/scary movies that I haven't already seen. It's tradition for my brother and I to watch scary movies together. But I think we have to check another genre from now on 'cause seriously I've seem them all. Haha. 

Today I took pictures of designer handbags (real) that my mom wants me to sell. :) (I won't sell them on here, but I will post them on Finn, so leave me a comment if you want the link). She also gave me a vintage Chanel bag. :) Actually she tried to give me two, but the other one was really not my style. I don't want nice things going to waste in my closet! 

I also have been snapping away with pictures and videos on snapchat: jessicanudish. I also snap makeup pictures and videos, like how I am contouring that day or products I'm using, etc. So add me! 

These are my favorite boyfriend jeans at the moment. They're the high waisted boyfriend jeans by Never Denim from Bik Bok, in size S. And the top is Rib Turtleneck Ls Top in Nougat size S from Nelly*. 

Here are a few of my make up snaps from today. 

(The contouring products are LA Girls pro-concealers). 

And some random shit. haha.

Anyways now I've brought my cat Bambi Jolie back home with me. Tomorrow I'm for sure going to work on a beauty post!!!! But for now, I should go wash my face, and treat that pimple I got on my face that's starting to piss me off. And watch an episode of the Shannara Chronicles. To be honest, the main reason I watch it is because of the druid Allanon, real name Manu Bennett. He is of Maori and Israeli descent, and born in New Zealand, and raised in Australia. :) He looks, talks, walks, breathes just deliciously (on Shannara Chronicles at least). I can't believe he's 46! Google him. It's really rare for me to be excited about an actor/celebrity okay. haha. 


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